Sunday, February 8, 2009

chinese new year part 2

at star city hotel..

v brother..
eating shark fin== again^^

at old town primary gathering..v phoi chuin..

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday, December 11, 2008

english presentation~

english presentation....finally i can put down "rocks" in my heart d..^^

before presentation...act calm == heart "pip pop" so fas ==

close eye ==

explaining advantages of eating yogurt~

"circle"ing my hands which is always laughed by "most" ppl ==

Saturday, December 6, 2008

bek frm hong kong!!!

hong kong trip!!!

on cabel car to "大屿山"..

on d "path of stars"..

lau dak wah!!!!!omg..

v aoron kwok == look in front pls...

andy lau again..

at "浅水湾", touching "月老石", hope can find my laopo..haha... paris? haha...*at 小人国 actually*

famous waterfall...*4get wat name adi* psps..

wow...凯旋门...go hong kong = go round d world =="

disneyland!!! front door..

at adventure theme park of disneyland.. *fas climb!!!!*

b4 goin into 3D cinema of disneyland..

beauty and d romantic...

disney character on "flower car" ==

on goofie cap==

mickey magic cap~

go die red indian!!!!

at ocean park..on escalator...
*this escalator took me 15 minutes just can arrive to d entrance door of ocean park*..

pirate ship~!!! my bro pengsan after sit this == nub..haha..

shark's mouth!!!

playing "笨猪跳"... after i jump, i realy feel like i m a s2p pig cz always jump up n down non-stop..

panda!!! it's real!! after looking it eats those climb till d fence near d visitor n SHYT!!!

hu's tat? 0.0"

doin promotion~

b4 goin out frm ocean park..*say cheeese~*

brother bday at the last day in hong kong..purposely go to but him a cake n celebrate v him in my room..

Monday, November 24, 2008


so hapii lo 2day cz i have finish my malay presentation..

although at las gt abit problem bt my speech n my q&a section, bt i quite satisfy v myself d la^^

after tis presentation, den its time 2 go 2 hongkong..muahaha...

tis sat i wil b goin 2 hongkong..hope it's an enjoyable trip XD

bt after i bek frm hongkong, it's time 4 english group presentation and BIS(business information & system) test..ish..headache~ ==

Sunday, November 9, 2008


i go cut hair n dye hair cz i 1 to go hong kong soon..

when i go cut hair, d stylist ask me whether 1 change hair style? den i ask him whether wat style he 1 me 2 do lorh...den he say he ytd saw a guy v a cool hair style n my hair quality suit tat style..
den i ma try lo...

when result out, omg..dam short == til i cun blieve i oledy told him dun cut so short b4 d..

nw so short, duno my hair can grow faster so tat i can go hong kong happily bo..

i think 2ml when go sch sure wil laugh by many ppl d..chaaamm......

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

workin in camera fair~

las friday til yesterday, i worked at camera fair, which located in front of suntech.. tis 4 days can b a sweet n sour days for me..

sweet is i sold lots of camera..n i even sold 1 nikon camera, which is d highest price among al camera there(RM2000)..n i even sold a camera which al senior promoter cun sold out..XD

den sour nii is bcz i hav 2 stand for more den 10 hrs a day..ytd i stand even 14 when serving customer, some customer veli yiim chim(hokkien), 1 free tis n tat, den i straight away keep d camera dun1 sel them..troublesm oni..den stil gt others come c camera for half n hour bt din buy.. i straight scold them cz of "opportunity cost"..waste my saliva n chances to serve other customers oni..

although 1 day jz RM60, bt i think i learn a lot la..^^ so..if those hu c my blog n interested 2 b a promoter, pls contact me^^ ty for ur corperation^^

Saturday, October 18, 2008

result out d ==

2day exam result out d lo..ytd 12 am midnite i adi checked it disappointed me..
den 2day morning 9am i check again..
bt when i check on 11am,omg...d line is so busy til i mz waitt for half an hour..den finally i saw my result..
hubungan etnik=A-

although abit disappointed cun get 4 my mom say can d la..den stil ok harder nex time..d moz *teh tiao* eh is my enemy get higher score den me..sob..sure win U nex time..

Friday, October 3, 2008

after 8 days work in tesco~

finally, 8 days had past and my work as a camera salesman had also finished. nx monday is time to go to sch again..haiz..

d place i work
our booth
advertisementpromoter delivering fliers~me v michael n soo bee~foto edit using sony photo printer~

yesterday was my last day in tesco. d worst thing i ever met was serving an aunty 2 buy a camera for about 3 hours..omg..after she bought d camera, i stil had 2 draw d icon on paper n wrote d usage 4 her 2 c. but at last, she also treated me 2 eat as balasan == *luckily*

den d happiest thing was i had sold a casio camera yesterday where nobody had sold it before in this 9 days sales. i could did this so wel al bcz of my tauke, who gave me rm5 as an insentif for selling each of casio camera..*so moni face* haha..

in this 8 days, if nt mistaken, half of d sales is frm my hand..haha..hope nex time wil do it better^^

Monday, September 22, 2008

finally exam over d^^
hu 1 go out o sing k pls inform me!!! at home veli boring n sien!!! XD
so johnson cal few fren go chung ling play basketball so as 2 increase our height as we al r "tall" guy^^

"GHANDI" 俊贤 on show^^

following hot n hito show" 篮球火" 吴尊 eh style =.="